Music from the past to the Present.

Hello this is a newsletter on the topic of music and I’ll be talking about bands in the modern times and from the past.

Growing up in the 70’s

Music was at its prime in England. You had artists and bands like, the rolling stones, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac etc. All these great bands that shaped the world it is into today.

Artists who impacted the music industry.

Artists like these shaped the music industry into what it is today. There was one great band that brought a complete new look to music and that was the punks and the first ever punk band that was famous worldwide was the Sex Pistols.
This band was only around for two years but within these two years the band took the world by complete surprise. The band members were Johnny lydon, Paul Cooke, Steve Jones and the original bass player for the band Glen Matlock.
This band here brought a new look on the music industry. They proved to the crowd that you don’t have to be like jimmy hendrix to play the guitar or be Celine Dion to sing. They proved to the world that anyone can pick up a instrument and play it.
Sure Johnny lydon(Johnny rotten as his stage name goes) he couldn’t sing at all and the two other members paul cooke and steve jones could just about play their instruments there was one member of the band that could actually play his instrument and his name was Glen Matlock the bass player.
Unfortuntaly for glen he got booted out of the band down to basic disputes with the other band members. The sex pistols got another bass player by the name of Sid Vicious. He was by far the worest in the band he didn’t know how to even plug in a bass guitar.

But unfortuntaly Sid Vicious Died in 1979 and the sex pistols broke up in 1978. But this document isn’t about the sex pistols its about music and how the influence like this band here have a impact on the worldwide music industry.


Music these days consists of Rihanna , Justin bieber , Nick Minaj etc. The sad thing is that the next generation would forget about all these greats bands from the 90’s , 80’s and the 70’s . Who are they going to remember growing up? Its certainly aint going to be the artists from today , in my opinion the artists of today are living in the moment but they aint going to last forever like the bands in the 20th century.


Music – songs

Hello again last blog I wrote was about music and the sounds that were created from this well today im here to talk about the songs with these instruments and these instruments combined together and vocalists. Songs , songs can be mixed with alot of things and have alot of different stories and alot of different emotions embeded in it. Its the writer trying to express feelings , stories or just something totally that is nonsense. Songs go into genres , and a genre is a type of music like you have rock , country , hip – hop , power ballads , new romantics , RnB , rap , DJ , jazz and many more. Each individual song for the artists can fit into any of these genres. Most popular genre these days would be RnB , all that club like music , my taste would be the old rock n roll and abit of today’s music aswell sure its great having many tastes in music so you fit into any type. Actually most people are based upon by the music they listen to which is very stereotypical. But the point im getting at is that music , whatever artist of whatever genre create songs for the people who enjoy there music 🙂 in the next few days i’lll be blogging mostly about artists like freddie mercury from queen , john lydon and sid vicious from the sex pistols and many more. 


I was decided to focus ALL my posts and blogs on music ,

Music . . . .   what is music?

People when they hear music they think about the noise that is being created by the instruments that are being used. To create good music you’ll need a variety of instruments such as a guitar , acoustic or electrical , a drum set , this drum set can contain many attachments to improve the sound being produce or add on different a noise , you can have instruments such as: piano , keyboard , saxophone , bass guitar , xylophone , thin whistle and many more. All these instruments create noise and by adjusting it you can create another noise from it like a guitar for example, you can have a D major chord , strum it then you can move to a E minor. With all of this you can create a song from all different instruments and combine a group of these instruments together and you have yourself a band! and to complete this you’ll need a vocalist a person that can sing or have a few people that can sing in this band. Really now you can have as much people in a band playing their instruments and this will form an Orchestra. Now i’ll tell you what music is : It is a vocalists combined with a instrument or a group of instruments that can play together and produce sound.  

About me!

I forgot to post up on my first post , info about me.

Well my name is Aidan Hart , I live in ireland , waterford , im in college now studying I.T(information technology) I enjoy the course very much. I created this blog and i’ll be talking about a varies of things from the news , sports , music , games and movies on this blog.

Like the first blog I posted was about music , i’ll be continuing on from that post soon since music is a big topic and everyone has their own say in music about artists , songs genres and many others things aswell.

In the sports topic it will mostly be on football , hurling and boxing cause these are my top three favourite sports , I do play these three sports and boxing is my favourite soo i’ll be posting quite abit about that.

Games and movies i’ll be talking about too. It will be basically about new games and movies coming out , rants about games and movies and rating on the games and movies.

I do hope you enjoy my blog and read my posts they’ll be interesting and there will be fun to read aswell!

Music these days!

Hello i’ll like to talk about the music that are being played on the television , radio etc.

It has a wide variety of different types of music ranging from RnB , Country , Rock and many more.

Most of the music thats based around my age group would all be electronic , dubstep.

I don’t mind this sort of music its alright thats my opinion but it wouldn’t be my cup of tea.

The music industry hasn’t being the best for the last few years , the musicians that are present in the industry at the moment

Won’t be around for many years to come , they’ll have there time in the spot light and once its over they wont be remembered again cause a new era of music will a rise to takes its place.